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Emergency Marriage Repair

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What are you looking for? A meaningful life? Stronger relationships? Family harmony? A joyous sense of life?

Dr. David has been counseling for over thirty years, helping people discover ways to overcome obstacles on their journey to happiness. He enjoys working with couples, assisting them to rise above challenges as they seek more satisfying and fulfilling relationships. His strengths include helping individuals understand issues that disrupt their lives, and finding ways to grow beyond them.

In recent years Dr. David developed a program to intervene with couples in crisis. This led to the founding of The Marriage Recovery Center. Dr. David works with couples intensively, assisting them in recovering from their crisis and restoring their relationship. He offers phone counseling to both individuals and couples.

Dr. David is the popular author of more than thirty books, including the best-selling series, Your Pocket Therapist. He is also the weekly advice columnist for both Crosswalk.com and CBN.com.

Dr. David can often be found in his writing studio overlooking Puget Sound, beachcombing or sailing. Dr. David is the owner of Pacific Psychological Associates with offices located throughout Washington State.

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